Dr. Christian Hoffart

Managing director for DMG MORI Spare Parts GmbH

Thinking ahead – getting ahead


Six years from a doctorate to managing director of DMG MORI Spare Parts GmbH – this is what the career of Dr. Christian Hoffart (36) looks like. It is also for this reason that he has taken on the role as a mentor for career starters.

Envisaging a goal and achieving it – this is what Dr. Christian Hoffart, managing director of DMG MORI Spare Parts GmbH, sees as his main task. He and his team bear great responsibility at the Geretsried site for the operation of thousands of DMG MORI machine tools worldwide. A planning and logistics challenge that faces Dr. Hoffart every day: “In the area of spare parts, we work very independently within a network with locations in Japan, China and the USA and play a major role in keeping customers satisfied in the long term.” The significance this has on the sustained success of DMG MORI motivates him every day.

On average, one DMG MORI machine is made up of 5,000 different parts. That’s why around 300,000 different spare parts are always kept in stock for 20 years. A promise that Dr. Hoffart with his team fulfills with the help of complex prognosis models, on the one hand and also through coverage: “I receive a lot of emails from Asia overnight, which I only see the next morning. This is followed by analyses of business figures and regular personal exchange of information with division managers.” But it is business trips around the world that completes the picture for him, because: “In a globally-oriented group of companies, working with people from other cultural groups is one of the most exciting experiences.” 

In a globally-oriented group of companies, working with people from other cultural groups is one of the most exciting experiences.

Dr. Christian Hoffart
Spare Parts

Looking back, Dr. Christian would follow the same path that bought him to DMG MORI. After his degree course in business administration with a technical focus, he went on to work on his doctorate while also working at RWTH Aachen as a consultant: “After this very conceptual job, I was keen to also work on and take responsibility for the implementation of the projects.” His desire was able to be fulfilled by DMG MORI in 2013 with a position on the newly established management board for industrial services. This department reports to DMG MORI Spare Parts GmbH in Geretsried, amongst others, where Dr. Christian Hoffart has been a part of the management team since 2015. “This was an excellent opportunity to develop my professional career, as the role guaranteed me a lot of creative leeway.” The move from Bielefeld to Geretsried provided extra motivation for him and his young family: “It really is the case: We live in a place where others go to for their vacation.”

Because he was given a high level of responsibility early on, Dr. Hoffart, in his role as a managing director, considers it part of his responsibility to promote new recruits; for example as a mentor for students working on their doctorates or newcomers at DMG MORI. “We are constantly on the lookout for dynamic employees who are prepared to take on the diverse challenges in the after-sales business.”

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