Jowita Matuszak

Sales Specialist for FAMOT Pleszew Sp. z o.o.

Language talents in sales

Product Sales Manager Jowita Matuszak

After a degree course in linguistics, Jowita Matuszak started her professional career in sales. The 29-year old developed her expertise in the commercial sector in various branches over a period of four years. She joined DMG MORI in Poland in 2017. The reason for her move to the company: “FAMOT offered me the opportunity to also gain experience in sales.”

Alongside her business expertise, she also has the benefit of her language skills in English, German and French. “I am responsible for the Western European market and communicate with DMG MORI subsidiaries located there.” During Jowita Matuszak’s day-to-day work, she processes incoming orders from the various markets, checks the options that are available in the product portfolio and supports the respective area sales manager with information about the products. “I like the fact that I am responsible for performing these tasks and can generally organize them independently of my colleagues,” says Jowita Matuszak about her job. 

The good relationships between my colleagues means we enjoy our jobs and also do them well.

Jowita Matuszak
Product Sales Manager Jowita Matuszak

Regular team meetings are an important part of her work: “We discuss sales targets and get information from the engineers about new products to ensure we are always up to date. This is the only way to guarantee good service to the customers.”

Jowita Matuszak is very satisfied that she took on a job in sales: “The international environment and the interaction with very different departments in the group makes the work extremely diverse.” Moreover, DMG MORI offers her a lot of potential to develop. “For example, I have already attended training in the area of customer service. I will also continue to take advantage of the training offers as they allow me to work more effectively and help me to advance my career.” Another important point for her satisfaction with work is the team environment, says Jowita Matuszak. “The good relationships between my colleagues means we enjoy our jobs and also do them well.”

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