Davis production site

38° 33‘ 12.506“ N, 121° 42‘ 17.029“ W

Davis – Where ecology and economics meet


An American city that has a bicycle in their city emblem? That sounds unusual but Davis in the heart of California has developed its own American way. The network of bicycle paths are one of the top three in the entire USA. And the “Whole Earth Day” ecological festival is considered to be a trailblazer for the ecological movement in the States. Davis is also a university city with great optimism for the future. DMG MORI is an important economic factor in Davis.


In 2012, the company opened its first production site in the United States – and thus created one of the most modern factories in the whole group. This has made Davis into the supporting pillar for DMG MORI in North America. In addition to turning and milling machines, tomorrow’s ideas are also developed here – conceived by the developers in the factory and the students in the universities nearby.

DMG MORI Manufacturing USA - Davis, California

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