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Northern California: a global technology hub known worldwide for semiconductors, electric cars, and as the birthplace of the Digital Revolution. DMG MORI’s American campus is located here in the city of Davis, just one hour east of the San Francisco Bay Area and 15 minutes west of Sacramento. 

The peaceful university town of Davis was originally founded as an agricultural community in the mid-1800s during the Gold Rush. It is now home to the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), a nationally ranked public research university. Local recreation is plentiful, including Napa Valley wineries to the west and Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the east. 


Davis is DMG MORI’s hub for manufacturing and automation solutions in the United States. The 14-acre, 221,000 square foot factory can produce up to 100 machines per month using completely carbon free energy. With over 120 employees working across departments including machine production, custom design, software technologies, and automation solutions, DMG MORI is one of the largest employers in the city.

The Davis campus was established in 2000 as a research and development division of Mori Seiki. The focus shifted to manufacturing over the following years, and in 2012 the first American DMG MORI machines were built. Today, the location is home to DMG MORI’s North American production facility, DMG MORI Manufacturing USA. 


Quality and productivity are achieved through fully automated machining implementing DMG MORI technology. Equipment such as the DMC 340U with rotary pallet storage and the NHX 10000 linear pallet pool line ensure precision, efficiency, and unattended production. 

Vertically-integrated manufacturing with in-house sheet metal and electrical cabinet manufacturing teams reduce machine lead times. The on-site engineering design team prepares unique manufacturing specifications for each customer's machine and works with assembly technicians to implement all custom features.

Machine assembly uses the same processes, quality checks, and strict company tolerances followed by DMG MORI factories worldwide. Product inspection ensures complete achievement of DMG MORI global standards. Each machine is tested for a minimum of 100 running hours to guarantee full functionality before shipping.

The digitalized factory utilizes DMG MORI software developed by the Davis Software Technology Solutions team. Linear Pallet Software (LPS) keeps the machine shop running unattended, with just-in-time delivery to minimize storage time of finished parts. DMG MORI Messenger monitors machine running times and assembly progress throughout the entire facility. The smart assembly floor has TULIP work instruction kiosks at each station, guiding technicians and verifying completion at each step of the assembly process without a need for paper travelers. 

DMG MORI Manufacturing USA – DMG MORI’s state-of-the-art production plant in the USA

Horizontal Excellence Center

Horizontal excellence is a core focus of the Davis factory. The range of American built machines includes nearly the entire NHX lineup, from the versatile NHX 4000 3rd Generation through the powerful NHX 8000 horizontal milling centers. Integrated automation is emphasized on all models with high-productivity linear and rotary pallet systems, through-pallet pneumatics and hydraulics, collaborative robot carts, and fully customizable robotic cells.

Onsite tours and consultations empower visitors to leverage new technologies and stay competitive in a dynamic world. The Horizontal Excellence Center’s application engineers work with customers, creating the basis for a long-term partnership with DMG MORI.

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DMG MORI Manufacturing Key Facts

  • North American hub for manufacturing and automation solutions
  • Industry leader in sustainability with 100% carbon neutral production
  • Fully-automated machine shop utilizes DMG MORI technologies
  • Vertically-integrated manufacturing with in-house sheet metal and electrical cabinet manufacturing to reduce machine lead times
  • Industry 4.0 digitalized factory utilizes Davis-developed DMG MORI software
  • Home to USA Horizontal Excellence Center and Spindle Rebuild Center
  • Host of the Davis Private Technology Tour with live technology and automation demonstrations each month

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