Nagaoka production site

37° 26‘ 43.849“ N, 138° 51‘ 25.696“ O

Manufacturing in Nagaoka – The city that never gives up


The phoenix bird is the symbol of Nagaoka. And a look at the history of the city on the Shinano River reveals why. Nagaoka has been afflicted by earthquakes time and again and three-quarters of it was destroyed during the Second World War. But the inhabitants of the mountain city on Honshu have rebuilt their city each time. And what is more: Nagaoka is growing. And the city has cause to celebrate. Every year, it is the showplace for the largest fireworks display in Japan. It is held over three evenings – always at the beginning of August. The highlight is always the artistic representation of the phoenix bird.


Crude oil and natural gas are transported around Nagaoka, which is why the city has a strong chemical industry. For DMG MORI, Nagaoka is another important location as Taiyo Koki has been manufacturing grinding machines that set standards when it comes to operability, efficiency and precision since 1986.​​​​​​​

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