Nara production site

34° 38‘ 3.503“ N, 135° 48‘ 38.12“ O

Manufacturing in Nara – The city of cherry blossoms


The Nara prefecture is home to almost 1,350,000 people and an important commercial center. Nara in its present form was only founded in 1868. But there is also another Nara, once the capital city of Japan. A city in the historic Yamato province with a wealth of history and significant Buddhist temples, with Shinto shrines and important traces of Japanese culture from many centuries – so important that UNESCO has included Nara in the list of World Cultural Heritage sites. 


The cherry blossom graces the coat of arms of the city, where the origins of Mori Seiki can be found within the region. It was founded in 1948 in Yamatokoriyama. Today it is impossible to imagine Nara without DMG MORI. The factory, which is steeped in tradition, manufactures turning and milling machines, but also handles automotive solutions, for which an extra shop floor was especially built. A wealth of knowledge is bundled in Nara, impressively demonstrated by the Automotive Excellence Center based there.​​​​​​​

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