Tianjin production site

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Manufacturing in Tianjin – The world in miniature


Tianjin was a small fishing village in the 11th century, closely linked to the history of Peking. The village was developed into a garrison town with a large port. This port was coveted by many colonial powers who, above all in the 20th century, wanted to gain a foothold in the so-called concession areas. This led to uprisings of the oppressed population. It was only from 1949 that times quietened down, and the city was able to grow economically without obstacles – up until a serious earthquake, which destroyed a large part of the city in 1976. 


Walking through the historical center, it is still possible to see traces of its tumultuous history in many parts. All of a sudden you spy houses that could be in Paris, Berlin or London – the whole world in miniature. DMG MORI has been represented by a large factory there since 2013 and produces milling machines for the Chinese market in Tianjin.​​​​​​​

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