8th trainee soccer tournament in Pfronten

Successful new start – after three years of absence due to the pandemic, our DMG MORI trainee soccer tournament took place again at the Pfronten location on the grounds of TSV 1913 Pfronten e.V.. This year, around 80 participants from our various locations had come together. For the first time, we formed mixed teams from all participants and thus reached a completely new teambuilding level.

On Friday, the event started with the official welcome and the drawing of the teams. Here, five previously determined goalkeepers, players were drawn from the pool of participants. Afterwards, the trainees could prove their grilling skills at a DIY BBQ and get to know each other better, as well as discuss the game tactics for the tournament. Later in the evening, everyone had the opportunity to celebrate extensively with live music from the band Almwind. On Saturday we started the tournament after a group picture and in best soccer weather. By the composition of the teams by LOS there were this year exclusively winners, who received their awards by the Pfrontener managing director Cornelius Nöß. The day ended with a common, great celebration - with a lot of team spirit and above all with new friends. We are already looking forward to the next tournament in 2024, again with young, motivated junior staff and then perhaps at the Seebach location.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the management of DMG MORI for this great event, which once again left a lasting impression on all participants.