A fresh start into the sailing season

Straight out of refit and ready for the start of the new sailing season: the DMG MORI Global One has undergone a comprehensive overhaul in recent months. The team has given everything and made far-reaching technical improvements. At the same time, skipper Kojiro Shiraishi is preparing physically and mentally for the upcoming races.

Months of intensive work overhauling the IMOCA 60 have paid off: a new boat concept awaits skipper Kojiro Shiraishi for a fresh start to the season. The team has made changes to the bow. It is now more robust and stronger than before due to its new shape. The foils are also brand new and promise even better performance on the water. In addition, the electronic system has been completely overhauled. In addition, a new camera has been mounted under the radar on the mast. It is a 360° camera that allows filming even at night and in adverse conditions. Lastly, the lettering for the upcoming races was installed and the deck was given a non-slip paint job.

The IMOCA is now back on the water and the mast has been fitted. Tests were conducted in conjunction with the IMOCA racing organization to verify compliance with the boat class regulations after the refit. So the IMOCA 60 was weighed and a 90 degree test was performed where the whole boat is tilted.

DMG MORI Sailing Team – Refit 2023: Ready for a brand new start

Intensive training for skipper and team


In the last weeks the first training sessions have finally taken place. A milestone for the team and at the same time essential for the regatta preparation: technical changes are also always a challenge, therefore the intensive training is now even more important.

Skipper Kojiro Shiraishi has also resumed his training with a coach. He has spent the last few weeks with intense athletic workouts, mentally tuning up for the challenging season. The sailing season kicks off with the legendary Rolex Fastnet Race. More than 400 starters have already registered for the record-breaking 50th Fastnet Race. Skipper Kojiro Shiraishi will compete in the two-handed regatta together with DMG MORI Sailing Team boat captain Thierry du Vorsent. The Defi Azimut will follow in September in the home port of Lorient. This year's sailing highlight is the Transat Jacques Vabre, which starts in October. It is an elementary race for the Vendée Globe 2024 qualification.