International cooperation between the training department at the Seebach site and MOSA-RT successfully launched

Eurasmus+ is an EU program to promote education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It has a budget of 26.2 billion euros and promotes social inclusion, the green and digital transformation and the promotion of young people's participation in democratic life. MOSA-RT receives funds from this for cooperation opportunities with the education and training department of DECKEL MAHO SEEBACH GMBH.

Entrance hall
International cooperation between the training department at the Seebach site and MOSA-RT

In spring, DMG MORI started a unique cooperation at the Seebach location. Under the slogan "European Education for the Future", the cooperation started with MOSA-RT, a state-of-the-art vocational training center in Maaseik (Belgium). At the educational campus there, a dual training system is currently being tested for selected occupations in which general education, vocational training and practical experience form a single unit - a special concept, since in Belgium vocational training largely takes the form of school-based education. The students attend the MOSA-RT vocational school center for 2 days, where they learn the basics of machining, among other things, and spend the other 3 days doing practical training in nearby companies, for which they do not receive any training pay. With the aim of gaining more experience and insights into the functioning of a dual training company, the students and teachers of MOSA-RT started their 2-week international internship at DMG MORI at the Seebach site. After intensive preparations, the internship could finally begin with a welcome event followed by a plant tour. Afterwards, the interns were finally allowed to get a taste of training and got to know the Seebach trainees. During the first week, the task was to design and manufacture a locomotive consisting of various turning/milling/and 3D parts.

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Cooperation with the training and further education department of DECKEL MAHO SEEBACH GMBH

The second week of the internship was dedicated to the topic of lean production. At the beginning, everyone received basic training and an introduction to the handling of the item system technology. This was followed by the CIP workshop with a Gemba walk in the area of process optimization with the aim of establishing the provision process of production material in the flowline area. After making some sketches, a prototype was constructed. Thereupon the realization began, in which 15 racks for a bulk material system were created. On the last day of the stay, the trainees were able to hand over the finished racks to the work preparation department.

"We are very happy that we get the opportunity to look behind the scenes of training at such a great company. We also have a large machine park with DMG MORI machines in our vocational school center and are therefore familiar with the operation, programming and control. But to use a wide variety of technologies at the same time and also to make use of automation solutions is not something we take for granted. This is really very impressive," says Peter Tholen, accompanying teacher from the MOSA-RT vocational school center.


After work, a comprehensive cultural program was not to be missed. This started with a joint visit of the trainees to the Spicke fairground in Eisenach and a bowling evening, where the trainees could get to know each other better while playing. A visit to the swimming pool, a trip to Erfurt and a visit to Wartburg Castle were also organized. On the weekend, they went together to the Point Alpha memorial in Thuringia, which represents a piece of European history and shows how important it is to live together across borders in peace and prosperity. Finally, the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena and the university there were visited, and the group was also able to explore Thuringian cuisine to their heart's content at the Luther Stuben experience restaurant with Thuringian dumplings and Thuringian Rostbratwurst.

We are very grateful for the experience our apprentices are currently having with the international students from MOSA-RT. They are able to share skills and competencies with each other and are building their foreign language skills. The internship weeks were also an unforgettable experience for us and we are planning to make a return visit to Belgium later this year. We look forward to welcoming you again next year, in the new training department of DECKEL MAHO SEEBACH GMBH.

Laura Hohmann and Christian Hössel, who initiated and organized the program.