Our Values

DMG MORI is the sustainable and global innovator in the manufacturing industry. As a leading manufacturer of machine tools, our integrated technology, automation and digitization solutions cover turning and milling machines as well as the Advanced Technologies, ULTRASONIC, LASERTEC and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. Our Technology Excellence is bundled within the main sectors of “Aerospace”, “Automotive”, “Die & Mold”, and “Medical”. 

Already more than 12,000 employees at DMG MORI are actively shaping the future. With 154 sales and service locations – thereof 14 production plants – we are present worldwide and deliver to more than 100,000 customers from 42 industries in 79 countries. The perfect combination of dynamics and excellence – that is what DMG MORI stands for.


The perfection of our machines is possible only thanks to our highly qualified and highly motivated employees. Our success would not be possible without your commitment. So the heart of DMG MORI is in fact not its machines, but emploees. They are the foundation upon which our success is built and they are what makes the difference – and what makes DMG MORI the Global One Company.

Perfection and speed are the result of appreciation and trust

Entrepreneurial success and taking-over responsibility are the basis for our sustainable actions. These fundamental values form the framework for our corporate and social activities and have global validity. This is precisely what brings us together across borders and cultures. These values form the fundament of DMG MORI's corporate culture. They are our promise to behave responsibly towards our business partners and the public, but also towards our behaviour within the DMG MORI Group.

Corporate Responsibility
Product Responsibility
Behaving with Integrity
Environmental and climate Protection
Cooperation with Business Partners

Our approach: Corporate Responsibility

We assume responsibility for our products, the environment and the people around us. We have therefore integrated responsibility for sustainable action and behavior with integrity into our company structure.

  • Corporate Responsibility Compliance & Sustainability
  • Our task: As the mouthpiece of our stakeholders, to collaborate in the shaping of the sustainable corporate culture with integrity at DMG MORI, to act in accord with it and to preserve it for the future!

Product Responsibility

The success of DMG MORI is based on innovative and high-quality products, services and solutions. We live quality and safety!

  • Our success factor: Innovation accompanied by maximum quality of products and services
  • DMG MORI “First Quality” strategy: The reliability and durability of our products
  • Product quality and safety: Product responsibility along the entire value chain

Behaving with Integrity

We focus on transparent and legitimate processing of all business transactions

  • Rejection of corruption and conflicts of interest: We reject all corrupt behavior and behavior that is damaging to the company.
  • Conduct in competition: Our business policy is orientated towards fair and unfalsified competition.
  • Business and trade: We observe the trade control provisions and sanction regulations applicable in international trade.


The importance of protecting information and data is growing continuously and has long been part of our responsible corporate governance.

  • Handling of non-public information: We protect confidential information and handle it with absolute confidentiality.
  • Data privacy and information security: We handle information and data with all due care. Particular importance is assigned here to the protection of personal data.

Environmental and climate Protection

We sees ourselves as committed to environmentally responsible and friendly value creation in our business activities.

  • Resources: We use natural resources purposefully and sparingly.
  • Reducing our environmental impacts: The focus here is on reducing our environmental impacts at our own sites as well as along the value chain.

Cooperation with Business Partners

As a global company, we are embedded in a dense network of business partners. Our business relationships are based on mutual trust and integrity.

  • Responsible and long-term cooperation: Observation and passing on of our principles of conduct