Tomasz Gramczewski

Designer (electrical) for FAMOT Pleszew Sp. z o.o.

Advanced training increases career opportunities

Constructor (electric) Tomasz Gramczewski

When Tomasz Gramczewski began to work at FAMOT in Pleszew in Poland, one of DMG MORI’s most modern production sites seven years ago, he was responsible for the assembly of the machines, the installation of electronic assemblies as well as the diagnostics and commissioning. He specifically sought out the employer because, as a skilled electrical fitter, he had always been interested in machines, robotics and control systems. After some time, he began to want more from his job: “The tasks that I undertook at FAMOT motivated me so much that I wanted to expand my education with a Master’s degree in automation and robotics.”

But completing the degree was by no means the end to Gramczewski’s educational career. After this achievement he went on to attend an English course for engineers in Great Britain to improve his knowledge of the language.

DMG MORI actively supports this engagement, either with grants or by offering their own training program

Tomasz Gramczewski
Constructor (electric) Tomasz Gramczewski

“I could even imagine continuing my study in this field and doing a doctorate.” DMG MORI actively supports this engagement, either with grants or by offering their own training program. And also for the long term, because, thanks to the positive business growth, excellent development and career opportunities are available for many employees.

Tomasz Gramczewski is now responsible for creating circuit diagrams, defining machine specifications and technical documentation for the universal milling machines in the CMX U series. Together with his team, the electrical engineer thus supports both product development as well as assembly. “We are also responsible for finding a solution to quality problems.” He particularly values the close cooperation with his co-workers: “Together in a team as well as across all sites at meetings with colleagues from other factories, we continuously create very creative solutions.”

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